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For Sale:
Twenty open Border Leicester x Lincoln ewes, most twinned in '21. Easy keepers on pasture. Hand spinners flock, nice udders. Closed flock 15+ years.

Ann Reiser

Posted 10/11/21

For Sale:
Due to us retiring our flock is for sale. Our flock is made up of
SAMM's, Tunis, Romney's (white & Colored) and Cross's of the 3 breeds. There
will be about 40 after we cull the older girls. We also have the Rams to go
with them 1 SAMM, 1 Tunis, 2 white Romney's and 1 Color Romney All are calm
and good breeders If you are quick you may also be able to buy lambs from
this year crop born in March.

David & Carole Pine

Posted 7/20/21

For Sale:
Registered Suffolk rams and ewes for sale.
NSIP enrolled flock with many repeat customers.
Selection has been on heavily muscled sheep for 20
years. See us for a quality sire beyond the average ram.

Pictures and details at

Dale & Judy Dobberpuhl

Posted 7/7/21

For Sale:
Black-face wether type flock reduction. Good, younger mature ewes.

Smerchek Show Lambs
Dan's cell: 715-347-1957

Posted 4/29/21

For Sale:
Rambouillet Rams & Ewes
44 years in business, Rapid growth, fine fleeces
NSIP Flock with records back to 2012
Out of season lambing, 2020 wool clip 11.8 lbs on 11 months
NSIP Rams. 9 rams ready to go with 1.18 to 0.9 gain at weaning

And post weaning gain of 1.1-0.9
Small groups of 3-8 yr old NSIP ewes bred for Feb 2021 lambs

Tailwind Farm
Email -

Posted 10/4/20

For Sale:
Ram semen evaluation by veterinary reproductive specialist.
Avoid costly reduced lamb crop or no lamb crop from a sterile or sub fertile ram.
Test prior to breeding! Brucella Ovis testing also available.

Ron Fabrizius D.V.M. DACT. 
Call 608-235-2380 to schedule.

Posted 10/4/20

For Sale:
Breeding Stock, Market Lambs (in season), and Sheepskin Pelts
Contact: Paskey Suffolks
Shelby, Scott & Lisa Paskey
5213 Hwy TT Cottage Grove, WI 53527
Email -
Cell # 608-669-3996 / Farm # 608-837-3725
Certified Scrapie Free Flock 2012
Export Certified Flock 2016

Posted 10/4/20