2018 WSBC Board of Directors Nominations

Any great organization usually has a great board behind it, supporting the current mission and activities as well as striving to help move the organization forward. The WSBC Board of Directors help set strategy, plan the yearly events, deal with succession planning and provide guidance to and participate in committee work.

The ideal Board of Directors will have a wide variety of skills and experience among directors in order to move the organization toward its long-term goals. It’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle; they are all different, but in the end, fit together perfectly.

The Nominating Committee for the 2018 election included, Steve Bingen, Warren O’Brion, Alan Thorson, Carol Wagner, Debbie Petzel and Sue Rupnow.  In addition to the article calling for board nominees published in the Fall issue of the Wisconsin Shepherd, the committee contacted members who were felt to possess the attributes needed to move WSBC forward in the coming years.

1. Ability to work cooperatively in a diverse group setting, while maintaining independent opinions.  A history of leadership roles is desirable to implement strategies and programs. Conversely, serving on the board is a great way to gain leadership skills and new fresh ideas and enthusiasm are equally valuable.

2. Diversity in the sheep industry.  We represent all breeders and need to provide opportunities to support our entire membership.  It is our goal to represent all breeders and respect not only their commonality but also their differences as it is this wide-spread spectrum of knowledge and skills that make our organization strong.  We strive to provide opportunities to support our entire membership.

3. Skills imperative to our work as board members include, grant proposal writing and followup reports, marketing skills useful for website and promotion, good oral and written communication skills, networking skills needed to help provide educational activities and the desire to volunteer for committee work to support the mission of the WSBC.

4. We cast a wider net and sought candidates who possess valuable expertise, skills and perspectives to add further dimension to an already strong board. Diversity in age, sex and background is essential for balance.

5.   Above all, board members must support a board culture that invites and encourages joint effort and works to develop the partnerships with outside organizations that help ensure the health and vitality of the Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative

Your 2018 WSBC Board of Directors nominees:
(Click on each name to read their personal biographies)

Ryan Bingen
Greg Brickner
Stephanie Formo
Dave Hammer 
Brandon Knutson 
Jeff Nevens
Keith Schultz
Dave Troxel
Carol Wagner
Doug Wilson


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WSBC Award Nominees Wanted!  
Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative Annual Awards 
The Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative annually seeks nominations for its awards and recognition program each year. 
Recipients of these award are recognized at the WSBC Annual Meeting scheduled in early March. 
Wisconsin Sheep Breeder Cooperative members are encouraged to submit nominations throughout the year for four categories of awards. 
The Art Pope Award 
This award is named for the long-time purebred Hampshire breeder and member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Meat & Animal Science faculty for 43 years. The award, which got its start in 1995, recognizes exceptional service to and active involvement in the sheep industry, both in Wisconsin and nationally, over many years. Dr. A.L. Pope’s outstanding contribution to sheep research and outreach within the sheep industry, both as a professor of sheep science and as a producer of purebred seedstock, exemplifies the type of person this award acknowledges. Nominations are not limited to only Wisconsin residents. 
The Wisconsin Sheep Industry Award 
The Wisconsin Sheep Industry Award recognizes people and businesses with a long history of support and service to Wisconsin’s sheep industry and is limited to Wisconsin residents, businesses and/or Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative members. 
The Master Shepherd Awards 
The cooperative’s oldest award recognizes Master Shepherds within four separate categories, Purebred, Commercial and/or Club Lamb, Wool, and Dairy Sheep. The first Master Shepherds were recognized at the 1979 Wisconsin Sheep Industry Conference held in Madison. Award winners must be current WSBC members. 
The Friend of the WSBC Award 
This award was introduced in 2011 and is given to a person, business, or organization that has provided outstanding support and/or service to the Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative or the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. Nominations are not limited to only Wisconsin residents, businesses, or organizations. 

Please contact Jill Alf, Executive Secretary with the following information:
Nominator’s Information 
Name Address 
Email Address 
Preferred Phone Number 
Nominee’s Information 
Name Address 
Email Address 
Preferred Phone Number 
Name of Award Category 
Explain why the nominee deserves the award and the scope of involvement in the sheep industry. 
Nominations for WSBC annual awards are due January 15 and should be submitted to; Jill Alf, Executive Secretary, Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative, 7811 Consolidated School Road, Edgerton, WI 53534 or emailed to wisbc@centurytel.net

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